Dispensaries partnerPURCHASE AND SALE TERMS

  1. If I choose to pay for my order by credit card, THEONLINEMEDICINE.COM will charge my credit card the following amounts (all prices in US funds):
    a). The medication price as posted on THEONLINEMEDICINE.COM’s website on the day THEONLINEMEDICINE.COM receives my order, and
    b).Any applicable taxes
  2. In the event my payment is not authorized by my credit card company, THEONLINEMEDICINE.COM has the right to cancel my order and attempt in good faith to promptly notify me of such cancellation.
  3. THEONLINEMEDICINE.COM reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse to process any order, in which event I will be entitled to a prompt refund of all monies paid for such order, if any.
  4. THEONLINEMEDICINE.COM does not fill any orders using child protection packaging.
  5. THEONLINEMEDICINE.COM is not providing its services as agent or limited power of attorney as a substitute for health care or the advice of a licensed medical practitioner.
  6. THEONLINEMEDICINE.COM will not exchange medication or return any money paid once an order is filled, unless the medication provided to me by the supplying dispensary does not correspond with my prescription.
  7. I appoint a courier or postal service to act as my agent for the purposes of taking possession of the products on order and having them delivered to my address.
  8. I am solely responsible and take full possession of my order at the time of shipment (or point of origin) from THEONLINEMEDICINE.COM and its Partnered Dispensary(s).
  9. I acknowledge that the entire consultation with any pharmacist or dispensary or contracted physician takes place in the jurisdiction where those services are being performed, and that all treatment that I receive from each of the pharmacists, dispensary and physicians is being received in the jurisdiction in which each of those pharmacists, dispensary or physicians is licensed or operates.


I hereby hold harmless and release THEONLINEMEDICINE.COM, its partner pharmacies, the authorized medical practitioner in the country where the pharmacy is located, their officers and administrators, agents, employees and contractors (including doctors and nurses pharmacists and pharmacy technicians) and all actions, claims, liabilities, claims, actions, expenses, losses and damages of any nature whatsoever, including, without limitation, special, general, indirect, direct and consequential damages, as well as legal costs (including reasonable attorney’s fees) from:
My use of the medications provided by the partner pharmacy(s) of THEONLINEMEDICINE.COM, including, without limitation, any side effects, whether known or previously unknown;
The manner or speed of execution by THEONLINEMEDICINE.COM or its dispensaries in partnership of one of the actions that I authorized; and
My violation of the terms, conditions or representations or warranties of this agreement.


This Agreement, together with any dispute, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of which the Products are shipped (unless THEONLINEMEDICINE.COM decides otherwise in its sole discretion), without regard to conflict of laws principles . I have read and understood all the above.

Copyright © The Online Medicine . All rights reserved.

Copyright © The Online Medicine . All rights reserved.

Copyright © The Online Medicine . All rights reserved.

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